“Don is, as you will see if you do any googling on the topic, nationally recognized as the top of the field.  Nobody is better.  He’s got a great book out, which you should buy, and has the best distillation of technique I have read.  Honestly, after a lesson and reading his book, I changed several fundamental and mental things, and made very meaningful improvement in my game.  No kidding.  Like 5-7 target improvement reliably, sometimes 10 or more when I am really on, out of 100.  That is huge.  So if you can get in with him, it’s well worth it.  He’s a great instructor, and a great guy.  You will have fun, and learn more than you ever knew you didn’t know.”

– Peter Tiede (Hudson, WI)

“I’m visiting my brother-in-law in West Palm Beach and he regenerated a long lost hobby by buying a new shotgun and getting into sporting clays.  He shared his copy of your book and 2 videos.  I’m 77 years old and I have been shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns for 62 years, mostly hunting, so any use of shotguns at Trap or Sporting Clays was a ‘reflex’ technique simulating hunting.  My usual success rate at Sporting Clays was, at best, 60-70 or so out of 100.  We went to a range in Okeechobee 2 days ago and you should know that you are responsible for teaching this old dog new tricks.  I shot 95 and my brother-in-law shot 93 out of 100 and we both knew exactly why we missed those few stragglers! Thanks for sharing your skills”
– Dr. Carl J.Forster (Orwigsburg, PA)
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