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Remote Online Video Coaching

30-Minute Online Video Coaching

The Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting offers remote video coaching via phone or video conference (Skype, Facetime or Zoom). Don personally conducts all sessions. Typical types of remote coaching sessions involve topics such as:

  • General shooting coaching (use of SmartPhone video clips is highly recommended – see below)

  • Equipment consultation & selection

  • Course design and construction process

  • Club management consulting

  • Advice for instructors (free to instructors who are NSCA members)

For remote coaching, we highly recommend that you have someone take SMART PHONE VIDEO CLIPS of you shooting your shotgun at actual targets. Three different angles is recommended. See example video clips below.

Angle A – Taken from the side, full body (taken from the side of the shooter that the gun is mounted with shooter’s feet included at the bottom of the frame and the shooter’s head at the top of the frame)

Angle B – Taken from the side, close up (taken from the side of the shooter that the gun is mounted, with shooter’s belt line at the bottom of the frame and the shooter’s head at the top of the frame.

Angle C – Taken from over/behind the shooter’s shoulder on the side they mount the gun. So for a right handed shooter, the person taking the video clip would be standing immediately behind and slightly to the right the shooters head. The camera lens should be held steady immediately above the level of the rib of the shotgun and slightly to the outside and behind the shooter’s head. The person taking the image should move WITH the shotgun so that he/she captures the shooter’s gun moving from hold-point to breakpoint from the perspective of the shooter’s eye. Again, it is important for the person taking the video clip to move with the shooter’s gun as the shooter moves from his/her hold point to the target and breakpoint. 

Note: Limit the duration of your video clips to no more than 10-15 seconds each, otherwise you will have difficulty uploading/sending them.

Cost: $80

Video Coaching

30-Minute Video Coaching

Please complete the payment form below. Then receive instructions via email to submit your videos for Don to review.

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