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Enjoy Gunfittings Done Expertly

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How it Works

Don combines his gifts as an instructor and coach with his expertise as a gunfitter to optimize the fit of each shotgun and maximize his clients’ performance in the field and in competition.

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Schedule Online

Using our online portal, explore available times and book your gunfitting with Don Currie.



Fitting with Don

Evaluate your current fit or specify your ideal dimensions using our try-gun for the perfect fit.

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Get the Perfect Gun

Purchase your custom-fitted gun or have stock customized by the country's top stock and gun makers.

How it Works

Process & Pricing

Using a highly sophisticated “try-gun”, Don maximizes his clients’ performance by fitting each gun to the unique physical features of each shooter. In shotgunning, unlike rifle shooting, the shooter must naturally raise the gun to the cheek while maintaining a sharp visual focus on the target. Instead of visually lining up the “sights” with the dominant eye, barrel-eye alignment must be achieved naturally, without visual verification during the mount. This is the essence of proper shotgunning and the reason why a fitted or “bespoke” shotgun is so essential.

Don will evaluate your point-of-impact using a patterning board and actual target presentations to determine the precise stock dimensions and adjustments necessary to get the pattern of your shotgun on the target every time. Whether it’s a custom stock, an adjustable comb or a simple length-of-pull adjustment, Don specializes in customizing all brands of over/under semi-automatic, and side-by-side shotguns. He works with some of the country's top stock and gun makers and offers all grades and qualities of wood, from functional to exhibition grade. Take the next step by scheduling a gunfitting today.

Two Types of Available Gunfittings
Formal Gunfitting

$500, 2 Hours

​If you are purchasing a custom shotgun from the factory or a custom stock for your existing shotgun, Don will fit you to a highly sophisticated try-gun, verify your unique measurements on a patterning board and actual targets and provide you with a complete written fitting sheet with your exact specifications.

Gunfit Checkup

$250, 30-45 Min

​If you are seeking an evaluation of your existing shotgun for proper fit. Your gun is adjusted if equipped with an adjustable comb, butt plate, and/or rib, and a written report is provided should modifications to your gun prove necessary.

View Don's Calendar to see his upcoming locations.

Gunfitting Gallery

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View Don's Calendar to see his upcoming locations.

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