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English Walnut Wood Blanks


Note: Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is an additional $35.00 to continental US destinations via FEDEX Ground. Inquiries by e-mail or telephone​

The best walnut blank for a shotgun stock is one characterized by good linear grain-flow through the wrist area of the stock (where the wood is joined to the back of the action, and through the grip) with attractive figuring of grain between the grip and the butt areas. Most would agree that English walnut is the premium species for gun stocks as it combines strength with attractive grain patterns. (For more information on English walnut used in gun stocks, read Don’s book “Gunfitting” available here and on


All wood blanks sold here are of the older English Walnut variety (Juglans regia), and dried naturally in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. English walnut is one of two major species of walnut commonly used for gun stocks. NONE OF THESE BLANKS ARE KILN DRIED, as is so often the case with much of the “Turkish walnut” on the market today. While kiln drying dries wood more rapidly than natural drying, the process also removes resin, and correspondingly strength, from the wood and can result in hairline cracks after the wood is shaped and further aged on the gun. Inarguably, THE BEST manner with which to dry wood is to dry it naturally and slowly. All of the wood blanks sold here were air-dried naturally, for a minimum of 1 year, and are completely dry to less than 10% moisture as measured by a moisture gauge.


English walnut is an “Old World” species and was originally native to the far east; the region extending from the Balkan peninsula eastward to the Himalayan Mountains and southwest China. It was imported to Western Europe during the Roman Empire and to North America in the 17th century by English colonists. The English variety of walnut is the same variety as Turkish Walnut, Persian walnut, Franquette walnut, Carpathian walnut, and Madeira walnut.

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