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Whether you are an aspiring Master Class competitor, weekend shooter or an improving bird hunter, National Champion and Master Shotgun Coach Don Currie will instantly propel your shotgunning to the next level and beyond.


Don distills the secrets of instinctive shotgunning down to three simple elements essential for crushing targets on the clays course: FOCUS, MOVEMENT and FAITH. The principles of sharp visual focus, subconscious application of lead, synchronized mount and movement to the target, shot planning and the mental game are all clearly explained and applied to guarantee higher levels of performance in competition and in the field.


As a special bonus for the sporting clays and FITASC competitor, Don introduces The OPTIMAL Process®: the pre-shot planning process and pre-shot routine that won him the National Championship title in Side-by-Side Shotgun. As a well-known writer and columnist for ClayShooting USA, Don clearly yet eloquently translates the essential truths of shotgunning into a proven formula and system for success.


To purchase a download instead of a DVD, click HERE.

DVD: Focus – Movement – Faith


This product is eligible for bulk ordering. Please get in touch by calling our phone number or submitting the form on my Contact Page.

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