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“This system is the best system I know of for practicing gun and eye movement indoors. It is the ultimate off-season and off-course shotgun training tool that will enable you to dramatically improve your fundamentals between lessons and practice.”

-Don Currie


The Basic Ultimate Practice Shooting System consists of one Red Laser Shooter (in your choice of gauge) plus the LaserPro moving target projector fitted in an industrial grade hinged plastic case.


The LaserPro moving target projector projects a single or double moving red laser target crossing from the left or right like skeet targets, quartering or straight away like trap targets or Sporting Clays targets like chandelles, jumping teals and very fast crossers including a true-pair (two targets launched simultaneously). Speed and direction is easily changed and set by the user and as he practices the skills necessary to break clay targets at your favorite shooting grounds. This kit will allow you to dramatically improve your fundamentals between lessons and practice. The Red Laser Shooter included in the Ultimate Practice Shooting System comes with one gauge of your choice (selected during checkout) and is available in all gauges (12, 20, 28 and 410 bore).

Ultimate Practice Shooting System


For large orders over 3 items, please contact us so that we can provide you with a customized shipping price

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