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Laser Pro Moving Target Projector (Laser Shooter NOT INCLUDED)


“This system is the best system I know of for practicing gun and eye movement indoors. It is the ultimate off-season and off-course shotgun training tool that will enable you to dramatically improve your fundamentals between lessons and practice.” - Don Currie


The LASERPRO MOVING TARGET PROJECTOR allows shooters to practice and perfect gun and eye movement for different target types and methods of achieving lead.  The LaserPro projects one or two moving targets in a straight line across a wall. With the LaserShooter in the muzzle of your shotgun, you can practice your mount, lead, swing, fire and follow through repeatedly. The LaserPro provides the constant repetition needed to perfect your shooting skills. The Red Laser Shooter is NOT INCLUDED. Consider the Ultimate Practice Shooting System Kit if you don’t already have a Red Laser Shooter for your shotgun.

Laser Pro


For large orders over 3 items, please contact us so that we can provide you with a customized shipping price

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