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Mastering Sporting Clays

Mastering Sporting Clays by Don Currie

If you are a shotgun enthusiast striving for higher scores and greater consistency, arm yourself with a proven system to propel your sporting clays game to the next level. From the fundamentals of shotgunning to advanced target tactics – for the sporting clays newcomer to the aspiring Master Class competitor – Mastering Sporting Clays will empower you with the essential tools to break any target presentation on the sporting clays course.

NSCA Chief Instructor Don Currie guides you through chapters on gun fit, eye dominance, visual focus, gun mount, the mental game and advanced target tactics with the expressed purpose of boosting your sporting clays performance and breaking more targets. Currie has coached scores of shotgun enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to achieve peak shooting performance both in the field and in competition and has trained scores of instructors on the art of shotgun instruction. As one of the most sought after shotgun instructors in the US and Europe, he marshals his experience as a master class competitor and national champion in side-by-side shotgun and shares the techniques the pros use to break targets and win competitions. Propel your game to the next level with Mastering Sporting Clays.

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When I was learning how to shoot I devoured every source of information I could find on the topic. Don Currie's excellent book would have been a great addition to my research library.

Andy Duffy

5-time National Sporting Clays Champion, 3-time National FITASC Champion, Hall of Fame Inductee

Mastering Sporting Clays takes you back to the fundamentals of the sport without the chaff and gimmicks so often seen. Don provides the beginner and advanced shooter with a clear pathway to proficiency with a shotgun. Far more than a one-time read, this book is an essential companion for any shooter on a quest to achieve mastery in the field or on the sporting clays course.

Kevin Sterk

Head Instructor, Griffin & Howe Shooting School, Level III Certifying Instructor NSCA, Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors

Don is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered, in Golf or Sporting Clays. As a PGA Champion and sporting clays shooter, I recognize good coaching when I see it. Don is the best and 'Mastering Sporting Clays' is the bible for clay shooters!

Ray Floyd

PGA World Golf Hall of Fame. US Open, Masters and PGA Champion.

Don Currie's book is sure to become a must read for the serious sporting clays enthusiast.

Bruce Bowlen

Author of 'The Orvis Guide to Wingshooting' and Orvis' Head Instructor (Retired)

Don Currie is a coach's coach. Literally. And in this book he shares the winning system he has taught to not only other instructors but also countless shooters of all skill levels. So whether you are an advanced competitor looking to up your game or a beginner hoping to break your first target, Mastering Sporting Clays is the book for you. Read it and succeed.

Ralph Stuart

Editor-in-Chief, Shooting Sportsman

Don Currie is a masterful instructor. Engaging, thorough, and effective. This book belongs on the bookshelf of any student of the game.

Dana Farrell

Editor, ClayShootingUSA Magazine

Mastering Sporting Clays' incorporates everything the clay shooter needs to know in order to progress. Don has an easy to follow style which covers everything I would have included in the book I have never written. All shooting instructors would do well to develop such knowledge.

Chris Miles

Fellow, Secretary and Staff Tutor, Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI)

Don Currie is an acknowledged top competitor and acclaimed coach and, with this book, shares his years of experience and vast knowledge of the subject with a wider audience.

Chris Batha

Greater London Skeet Champion, World Renowned Instructor and Coach, Fellow of the two top Clay Pigeon Shooting Associations in the UK, Former National Director of CPSA.

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