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How it Works

Offering lessons in shotgunning, gunfittings and other services at various locations primarily in the Southeast and throughout North America. We tailor our programs to the individual student depending on their goals, experience, shooting discipline and aspirations. Whether your desire is to improve your performance in the field or on the sporting clays course… we will help you become a more proficient and competitive shot!


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We Offer:
  • Individual/Private Lessons

  • Gunfitting/Gun-Stock Design

  • Group Lessons for multiple students

  • Half-day or full-day clinics

  • Training of instructors

  • Course design and consultation

  • Hunting Coach & Guide: instruction in the field, accompanying and hosting hunters on upland bird hunts in the US, South Africa, UK and Argentina (Quail, Pheasant, Partridge, Dove).

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Style & Philosophy

Intercepting a moving target with a shotgun requires acute focus, efficient movement of the shotgun, and an unwavering faith to instinctively execute the shot.


Focus – Movement – Faith. These are the time-honored principles of shotgunning born out of the tradition of bird hunting and rooted in the writings of Robert Churchill, Percy Stanbury, Charles Lancaster, and others.

While the proper techniques used to kill targets are rooted in these principles, today’s clay target presentations often differ from the flight patterns of game birds. Don teaches the time-proven principles of instinctive shotgunning and equips shooters with target tactics to engage any target on the sporting clays course, or in the field. If you are an advanced shooter, Don will optimize your existing “default technique” while equipping you with additional tactics, a pre-shot planning process and pre-shot routine to increase consistency and proficiency. Don also routinely coaches skeet and trap shooters as well as bird hunters.

Whether you are a Master Class competitor, beginner or an improving bird hunter, Don will instantly propel your shotgunning to the next level and beyond.

Disciplines Taught:
  • Sporting Clays

  • FITASC (International Sporting)

  • 5-stand/COMPAK

  • Skeet

  • Trap

  • Bird Hunting (Driven, upland, Duck/Dove)

Our Specialties:
  • Beginning, novice and advanced shooters

  • NSCA/NSSA/ATA Competitors

  • Mental Game Coaching and The OPTIMAL® Process

  • Ladies and youth ages 10 and up

  • Bird hunters/field instruction

  • Instructor Training

View Don's Calendar to see his upcoming locations.

Focus – Movement – Faith

The instinctive method of shotgunning has its roots in the “The Churchill Method” and involves engaging a target as one would intercept any moving object: by applying acute focus to the object and allowing one’s natural eye-hand coordination to intercept the target. The eyes, brain, and nervous system all operate together to intercept the target, just as they do in many sports activities like hitting a baseball, catching an outfield fly, or blocking a shot-on-goal in hockey. It is very different from rifle shooting, in which the gun is visually aligned with the target. “Aiming” or measuring lead in shotgunning is a path to frustration. The “Instinctive Shooting Method” is the method I teach and with which shooters achieve the greatest level of success with a shotgun.

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View Don's Calendar to see his upcoming locations.