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Lessons FAQ

  • How long is a lesson?
    Lessons with an individual student is a minimum of 2 hours. Students traveling in from longer distances tend to take a half-day in the afternoon and a half day the next morning (3.5 hours = a half day). For lessons with a group of 3 to 5 shooters, I strongly recommend a half day lesson (3-1/2 hours) or full day lesson (7 hours with 1 hour for lunch). All of my lessons are a minimum of two hours, although for skeet and trap lessons I may shorten this a bit (call me to discuss). If you wish to take extended or multiple sessions, I recommend that you split the sessions to give yourself time to absorb what you’ve learned (For example, one session in the afternoon and the second session the following morning). The rationale for a 2 hour minimum is that shotgunning is best learned through repetitive action (kinesthetic learning). In order to engineer an improvement or change to one’s mechanics or technique, immediate reinforcement and repetition produces lasting results. Please peruse and my LinkedIn profile for testimonials regarding the effectiveness of this approach.
  • How much do you charge for lessons?
    1 Student (Private) – $250/hour, minimum 2 hours 2 Students (Semi-private) – $250/hour minimum 2 hours (Participants split the cost) If your group has 3 or more students, you are better off with a clinic of a half-day or full day: Clinics: $900 for Half-day – 3.5 hours (participants split the cost) $1,800 for a Full day – 7 hours (participants split the cost) *Note: prices do not include targets, shells, golf cart costs, or any applicable fees which are payable to the host club.
  • What should I bring?
    Rain gear (I don’t cancel lessons for rain unless there is lightning), however, I also don’t make my students shoot in heavy rain and never when lightning is in the area.. Shooting vest or non-cotton shirt (cotton shirts get “sticky” and tend to cause your gun to “catch” as you mount and dismount). Eye protection Ear protection (strongly recommend in-ear plugs instead of ear muffs) Shotgun (or let me know in advance that you need a loaner gun). Shotgun shells (or purchase them from the host club if available). As for the amount of shells you should bring, assume a shooting rate of 125 shells per hour. This is a total number regardless of the number of participants…we won’t likely use this amount, but this is a safe number. For semi-auto shotgun users, please bring any and all shims with you if available. This allows me to adjust the fit of your gun as necessary.
  • How should I prepare for my first lesson?
    First time students often ask me what they can do to prepare for our session. Purchasing and viewing one of my DVDs can be a great help as this will aid your ability to absorb the instruction since you will already be familiar with my teaching style and approach. I would recommend “Focus-Movement-Faith” for beginning to novice students and “Target Tactics for Sporting Clays” for more experienced or advanced shooters. You might also consider becoming a member of and gain access to a treasure trove of published articles, instructional videos and blog posts. If you have scheduled your lesson well in advance of our lesson date, you might want to consider ordering my book “Mastering Sporting Clays”. All are available at
  • How do gunfittings work?
    I conduct regular gunfittings and work with leading manufacturers such as Purdey, Perazzi, Zoli, Grulla and Caesar Guerini as well as expert stock makers to produce shotguns that match individual client specifications. Gunfit is critical to superior performance in shotgunning whether shooting at targets of the clay or feathered variety. All shotgunners need a gun that shoots where they are looking. Whether the best solution for you is a new custom gun, re-stocking a gun or simply modifying your current gun, I guarantee to help you achieve your goal of shooting with a properly fitted shotgun. I offer two types of gunfittings: Formal Gunfitting – For shooters interested in a custom stock or custom gun purchased either through the Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting or another dealer. A complete written fitting sheet with specifications and measurements is provided. ($500, 2.0 hours) Gunfit Checkup – Interested in an expert evaluation of your existing shotgun for proper fit? A written report is provided to you regarding the fit of your shotgun with detailed instructions for any gunsmith or stock maker should modifications to your shotgun prove necessary. Your gun is adjusted if equipped with an adjustable comb, butt plate and/or rib. Please bring all parts and pieces that came with your shotgun. ($250, 30-45 minutes)
  • How do I sign up for a lesson or gunfitting? (4 options)
    There are 4 ways to book a lesson or gunfitting: Check out Don’s calendar HERE to book a session. E-mail Don at Call Don at +1 (407) 697-6236 Fill out the contact form HERE
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    We accept cash, check, credit card for lessons, fittings and merchandise, however, each host club has its own policy regarding forms of payment for target costs. Central Florida Sporting Clays requests that you pay your target fees with cash or check only, unless you are a club member. If this is a problem, please let me know.
  • Is there a deposit required to reserve my session?
    We don’t want to get paid until we earn it! No. We do not accept deposits and will collect payment at the conclusion of your coaching or fitting session.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We rarely have cancellations. If you have to cancel, please do so at least 7 days in advance of your lesson date. If you cancel inside 7 days of the scheduled session, you agree to remit payment for 1/2 the price of the session OR pay in full for the cancelled session with your payment being credited IN FULL to a future session. If you cancel within 48 hours, or you are a no-show, you agree to pay full price for the cancelled lesson.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    If Don cancels or curtails a lesson due to severe weather, you will only be charged for the time in which he is working with you. For example, if we have a two-hour lesson scheduled and it begins to thunder and lightning one hour into the two-hour lesson, you will only be charged for one hour. Neither Don nor you can control the weather and you shouldn’t have to pay for that time or any time that you might have to wait for weather to clear. While we do not stop lessons due to rain, we will not ask you to shoot in heavy rain conditions unless there is a covered shooting area at which we can continue our session. Calling, texting or emailing to cancel a lesson due to a weather forecast is considered a no-show.
  • Where is Central Florida Sporting Clays (“CFSC”) and how do I get there?
    WE RECOMMEND PRINTING OR SAVING THESE DIRECTIONS Central Florida Sporting Clays is roughly equidistant from Orlando City Center and Ocala in Northern Central Florida. The club is 40 miles from Orlando City Center and 47 miles from Ocala) GPS ADDRESS **ALSO READ BELOW**: 41912 Boy Scout Road Paisley, Florida 32746 IMPORTANT: As you are getting close to the club and make the turn off of Maggie Jones Road and onto Boy Scout Road, IGNORE YOUR GPS. Follow Boy Scout Road for half a mile and the entrance will be on your right-hand side. Just before the entrance, there is a small white sign with “DC”, the Academy Logo, and a right-pointing arrow. There is an aluminum cow gate with a handcrafted sign on the gate that reads “Central Florida Sporting Clays”. The gate should be open (but if not, see below Don’s mobile#). Drive through the gate and follow the dirt road through a second gate and to the left. Drive all the way to the back following the road until you see a structure on the right, picnic tables and buildings on your left. Behind the building on the left, through the trees, you will see a blue building, which is my workshop. Drive around and park to the left of the blue building with the sign that reads “Don Currie, Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting”. Let yourself in and, if I’m not already there, I will be there shortly. When you arrive, TEXT: “AT YOUR WORKSHOP” If the gate is locked and you can’t drive in, TEXT “WAITING OUTSIDE THE GATE” THEN ALSO CALL ME AT (407) 697-6236. WE RECOMMEND PRINTING OR SAVING THESE DIRECTIONS
  • What are recommended airports and hotels?
    If you are flying in from out of town, I recommend that you fly into MCO or SFB, rent a car, and make the 35-minute drive to CFSC for our session. If staying overnight, I recommend that you stay in Lake Mary where you will be comfortable with plenty of restaurants very nearby and you are 31 mi/0:38 from CFSC. AIRPORTS Nearest Airports to Central Florida Sporting Clays (CFSC): Orlando International (MCO, 59 miles, 1:09) – Has the most options. Sanford Orlando International (SFB, 39 mi, 0:49) Other Recommended Airports in Florida: Tampa Intl Airport (TPA, 121 mi, 2:21) Other Airports (Atlanta and Raleigh): Atlanta International (ATL) , if meeting me at one of my Georgia Clubs Raleigh Durham (RDU), if meeting me at one of my North Carolina Clubs HOTELS (Lake Mary): Marriot, Hampton Inn & Suites, Westin, Courtyard (If traveling in from out of town)
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