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Scottish Highland Grouse Shooting

Excursion Info

Imagine, if you will, witnessing the moor heaving from grouse hidden under the heather as you stand armed in your grouse butt and attempt a left and right as a 60 mph covey cloud of Grouse are driven towards you. Highland grouse are typically sporting amidst a dramatic backdrop of moor covered purple heather clad glens and bubbling burns.

Driven Scottish Highland Grouse shooting at Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park, at Invercauld, offers some of the best of what Scottish country sports has to offer, a wonderful Highland Estate steeped in history and neighboring Balmoral. The Cairngorms National Park is Scotland’s second largest National Park at approximately 1,400 square miles / 3,800 square km.

The Estate provides a magnificent backdrop for the superb driven highland grouse shooting that will satisfy even the most demanding sportsman. Spanning 108,000 acres as a whole, Invercauld is divided into separate beats; Gairnshiel beat deemed one of the most prolific.

Your coach and mentor watches your gun mount, your swing.. and your miss. He calms you, because frankly, you have never experienced anything so thrilling and challenging as this. You refocus, follow his calm voice instructions and soon you are knocking your first grouse out of the sky. You concentrate on right to left, then left to right, then high incomers, taking shots from the front and back of your grouse butt, passing your firearm back and forth to your loader, and each time, as your coach makes small adjustments to your style, he encourages you, and he congratulates you as you move up the ladder of complete grouse shooting success.


Don Currie, Chief Instructor for the NSCA, National Champion, Orvis’ Wing Shooting School Instructor with over 20 years experience.


$8,750 per Gun (shooter)


To be determined

Price Includes:

Driven Grouse Shooting, lunch & drinks and 4-WD transportation on the Estate, Professional In-field Instruction.

Not Included:

Flights, Transportation from Aberdeen International Airport, Accommodation, Breakfast, Dinner & Beverages, Loader, Keeper, Lunch Lady, Maid & Chef Tips, Cartridges, 4-WD & Firearm Rentals, Visitors Shotgun Permit Application.

Join Don on this Adventure

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