Throughout the early part of the 20th century, Over-and-Under shotguns became
increasingly popular. However, despite an increase in demand, Athol Purdey was
reluctant to develop the Purdey version. His sons, James and Tom, were not to be deterred
and in 1923 they persuaded their father to reconsider his objections. It was from then on
that the design began to evolve.

The biggest single change occurred 25 years later when, in 1948, Purdey bought
James Woodward & Sons, a gunmaker famed for their Over-and-Under shotgun and
the mechanism it used. This acquisition provided Purdey with the outstanding and
unrivalled design that it has used ever since.

The over-and-under gun is available in dedicated action sizes in all calibres in square, round
or ultra-round action shapes.



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