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The Shotgun Combo Gauge is an accurate and convenient device that measures all of the outside dimensions of your shotgun, which you need to know if you want your gun to fit properly:


  • Length of Pull
  • Drop at Comb and Heel
  • Angle of Pitch
  • Cast



The Shotgun Combo Gauge is a 24″ vernier caliper slotted at one end to hold a sliding Drop Meter.  It can be used alone or with our 23″ EXTENSION which bolts on to the Combo Gauge to make the overall drop/pitch length 48″.  The Extension also has a neodymium magnet installed which essentially “glues” the whole Combo Gauge to the gun’s rib for hands-free operation, further enhancing its convenience and usability. 

99% of our customers purchase the Shotgun Combo Gauge with the Extension.

One DROP METER is standard on the Shotgun Combo Gauge, but a second Drop Meter can be added as an option, which gives greater versatility in measuring drop (you can measure at any two points along the comb simultaneously), or drop and pitch, or drop and cast simultaneously.    The second Drop Meter  can also be attached to the first Drop Meter to extend its length to a total of 10" from the horizontal index, making the true pitch and cast measurement of your gun accurate and fast.

The Shotgun Combo Gauge is patented - U.S. Patent # 7,287,338.




  • Reads both Metric and Inches for use worldwide
  • Has easy-to-read bold numbers
  • Lightweight — Made of aircraft aluminum
  • Portable — Easy to travel with
  • Optional Extension with Magnet. The magnet “glues” Shotgun Combo Gauge to gun rib for hands-free operation
  • Optional Dual Drop Meters





  • Length for drop measurement: 28″
  • Length of pull: 24″
  • Overall length: 29.5″





  • Length for drop measurement: 48″
  • Overall length: 49.5″


*Gun Rest is sold separately*

Combo Gauge with Two Drop Meter

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