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Don is the chief instructor of the National Sporting Clays Association and one of the most sought-after shooting coaches in our sport.  Competing in the shooting sports since age 8 and instructing as an apprentice at age 16, Don is that rare combination of Champion, Instructor and Coach.  Don regularly propels shotgun enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels to breakthrough performance whether in the field or in competition.  His instructional DVD “Focus – Movement – Faith” is the #1 rated sporting clays DVD on

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Don Currie is the Chief Instructor of the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) and one of the most recognized and sought-after professional shotgun coaches,  gun fitters and range/course designers in North America. He delivers extraordinary instructional and hunting experiences to clay target competitors, recreational shooters, and discerning sportsmen. Currie is the author of “Mastering Sporting Clays” published by Stackpole Books and has launched two highly acclaimed instructional DVDs with Sunrise Productions: “Focus-Movement-Faith” and “Target Tactics for Sporting Clays”. He writes for all of the major shotgun magazines as well as a e-column titled “Ask the Instructor” distributed weekly to over 30,000 sporting clays shooters. He started shooting competitively at age eight, bird hunting at age fourteen and coaching in the shooting sports as a sixteen-year-old apprentice. Currie served for seven years in the military as a US Army Ranger as well as an instructor at the US Army Ranger School and US Army Infantry School culminating in his command of a combat infantry company during Operation Just Cause (Panama, 1989/90). After leaving the Army,  Currie transitioned into the corporate world serving 22 years in senior corporate leadership positions culminating in his role as CEO of a $100 million consumer products company.

Throughout his military and business career, he maintained a deep and unrelenting passion for competing in the shooting sports, coaching, and upland bird and waterfowl hunting and was eventually drawn back to the shooting sports. Currie earned his way to Master Class on the NSCA competition circuit and won a National Championship title in side-by-side shotgun in 2011. Currie was the general manger of an exclusive shooting and hunting preserve in North Florida (The Gilchrist Club, Trenton, FL) where he established an Orvis Wingshooting and Fly fishing School. Since 2014, he has served as the Chief Instructor of the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) and, in that capacity, teaches and mentors other sporting clays instructors and administers the NSCA’s instructor program in North America. Through his Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting, Currie continues to provide private and group shotgun instruction, gun fitting, shotgun sales, course design and guide services. He lives in Lake Mary, Florida with his wife and family. For more information, visit

His qualifications include:

  • Chief Instructor, NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) (2014 – present)
  • Professional, Full-time Shotgun Coach – Specializing in clay target sports (Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap) and upland bird hunting
  • Master Gun Fitter – partnering with select manufacturers and stock-makers to create custom fitted shotguns for discerning clients
  • 2011 National Champion in Side-by-Side Shotgun
  • 2012 Florida State Champion in Side-by-Side Shotgun
  • Master Class NSCA Competitor
  • Certified Level III NSCA Instructor (National Sporting Clays Association)
  • Fellow, Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI), UK
  • Fellow, Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors (ICSI), UK
  • Author of Mastering Sporting Clays (Stackpole Books) (Gold Medal Recipient)
  • Author of Gunfitting (Stackpole Books)
  • Co-Producer of two instructional DVDs: Focus-Movement-Faith and Target Tactics for Sporting Clays
  • Writer and columnist for ClayShooting USA and Clay Target Nation (formerly Sporting Clays Magazine)
  • Certified NRA Instructor: Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol and NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Orvis® Wingshooting School Instructor
  • Orvis® Fly Fishing School Instructor
  • Former General Manager of the Gilchrist Club, an exclusive 27,000 acre upland hunting resort
  • Experienced guide and avid upland bird hunter
  • Instructor, US Army Infantry and Ranger Schools (Fort Benning, Georgia) – Instructor of marksmanship, weapons and tactics


People are talking about Don…

“I have used Don to help me improve my shooting skills. He has improved my scores and I believe you could not find a better instructor. 
His teaching system is calm and productive.”

Daryl McLainInsure Florida

"I hired Don Currie on two separate occasions, once as a shotgun fitter, and later as a competition Instructor, Sporting Clays (NSCA). 
I found his techniques to be straightforward and based on an in-depth knowledge of the art and science of shotgunning. 
I am certain that Don spends a great deal of his own time developing the art further and has shown some innovative methods of teaching built upon the classic Churchill method of clay and wingshooting. 
I would highly recommend his services for anyone wanting to shoot better, whether novice or semi-pro. 
We are lucky to have Don here in Central Florida! 
I will be using his services again in the future.”

Dan CollinsAircraft QA Inspector at Cessna Aircraft Company

“Don Currie is not only a fine clays shooter and excellent coach, he is an outdoorsman, a hunter, a wingshooter, and someone who has 'improving the shooting skills of his clients' at the heart of his business. Let Don work with you on improving those shooting skills both on the range and in the field. You can't go wrong.”

John WilesManaging Partner at B & W Sporting

Don is, as you will see if you do any googling on the topic, nationally recognized as the top of the field. Nobody is better. He's got a great book out, which you should buy, and has the best distillation of technique I have read. Honestly, after a lesson and reading his book, I changed several fundamental and mental things, and made very meaningful improvement in my game. No kidding. Like 5-7 target improvement reliably, sometimes 10 or more when I am really on, out of 100. That is huge. So if you can get in with him, it's well worth it. He's a great instructor, and a great guy. You will have fun, and learn more than you ever knew you didn't know.

Peter Tiede (Hudson, WI)

“I’ve learned more today than in the last 20 years about clay shooting!”

R. Scott

"After 90 minutes with Don, I immediately increased by a good 10-15% and, with a little practice, will take it up a notch or two from there."

John RileyPresident, Legacy Fund Investments

“Don does a great job coaching. He understands the fundamentals of the sport and explains the concepts in an understandable manner to the student.”

Mike McElveenPresident of Urban Economics, Inc.

“Don helped me understand a number of fundamentals of shooting that I sorely needed to become a better shooter. After an almost full deconstruction of my shooting style, Don helped me rebuild my stance, target acquisition plan and gun movements. Within 3 hours I was breaking targets consistently with ease. He has excellent interpersonal skills and is very confidence building. I plan to work with Don next year to build upon the foundation he helped me establish earlier this year.”

Joe BainesOwner, Long River Lodge

“I think I gained more from you in one day than I have from all previous instructors combined. I liked the way you diagnosed challenges in multiple areas -- gun fit, mount, eye dominance -- and gave me ways of addressing all of them. My wingshooting improved dramatically right away. I think an annual visit -- a hajj to Mecca -- might well be the ticket to better bird seasons for me.”

Rick AllenAuthor, Former Political Writer for the Atlanta Constitution

“I've taken several lessons with Don, both in a group setting and one-on- one. Don is an innovator who uses time proven (e.g. Churchill) techniques. I've recommended Don to several friends. His instruction has helped me move up two NSCA classes in one year.”

Robert KelleyAttorney at Hill, Ward & Henderson

“Don is an expert shooter and the numerous years of experience makes him a Great instructor. He can immediately identify where you need to modify or change your mount, stance or balance, which has instant results. He is always very positive and encouraging, which builds confidence and a Great instructor/student relationship.”

Henry BowlinManager at CenturyLink

I'm visiting my brother-in-law in West Palm Beach and he regenerated a long lost hobby by buying a new shotgun and getting into sporting clays. He shared his copy of your book and 2 videos. I'm 77 years old and I have been shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns for 62 years, mostly hunting, so any use of shotguns at Trap or Sporting Clays was a "reflex" technique simulating hunting. My usual success rate at Sporting Clays was, at best, 60-70 or so out of 100. We went to a range in Okeechobee 2 days ago and you should know that you are responsible for teaching this old dog new tricks. I shot 95 and my brother-in-law shot 93 out of 100 and we both knew exactly why we missed those few stragglers! Thanks for sharing your skills.

Dr. Carl J.Forster (Orwigsburg, PA)




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Don’s company, The Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting LLC, is a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL) and Importer. While we sell most brands of fine shotguns, we specialize in gun fitting services and sales for the following brands with custom or customized stocks. After all, a well-fitting shotgun is priceless.

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