Course Design Services

The Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting offers full-service, turn-key course design, construction and installation in addition to world-class instruction, gun fitting, stock making, custom gun sales and instructor/staff training.


Site selection – In general, a small, 12-station, non-commercial sporting clays course needs about 125 – 150 acres. A commercial course is typically set on a 250+ acre plot and a five-stand requires about 50 acres.  We allow for a 300-yard “shotfall fan” as measured from the shooting platform to the far boundary, beyond which, you do not want shot to fall. This 300-yard distance can be reduced by keeping target trajectories low, by using landfill to prevent high shot angles and by elevating the shooting platform. The above, of course, is greatly dependent on the “buffer” you have around your site as well as any zoning and/or wetlands restrictions. The ideal compass orientation of a 5-stand, sporting clays course or skeet / trap field is between 20 and 25 degrees (NNW) in order to avoid situations where the shooter is shooting into direct sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon. This can be modified, of course, if there are large trees or hills surrounding the site.

Approximate Cost Menu

The following are approximate costs for planning purposes only and depending on accessories and add-ons. These equipment prices include high quality, warrantied, well-made, durable equipment that will last years…and with onsite service readily available when needed. Discounts are always available for large projects.

Automatic Trap Machine, Standard (1) $3,000
Trap set (1 oscillating trap) $4,000
Chandelle Throwing Machines (1) $4,200
Rabbit Throwing Machine (1) $5,000
Skeet set (2 traps plus controllers) $9,000
Complete 7-trap five stand package (5 standard traps, 1 rabbit trap, 1 chandelle trap, receivers, transmitters/controller) $28,000
Complete 12 station sporting clays course package (20 standard traps, 2 rabbit trap, 2 chandelle trap, receivers, transmitters/controller) $86,000
Rock-like trap cover (each) $495
H-Frame for Rock Like trap cover $600
Cover for trap carousel (NA if purchasing other cover) $100
Cart for trap machine (each) $160
Controller for sporting clays station (1) (purchased separately) $1,000
Controller and accessories for a five stand set (purchased separately) $2,000
Site visit / on-site design work / course drawings /menu card $2,500/day
Daily rate from travel days $900/day
Additional design/advertising/marketing (remote) $100/hour
Travel expenses Billed at cost

Course structures:

We offer architectural design services through industry partners who have deep experience in developing and designing resort and club venues to include:

  • Club houses
  • Pavilions
  • Pole barns
  • 5-Stand structure
  • Sporting clays course stations (movable/non-movable, covered, non-covered)
  • Skeet houses (high and low)
  • Trap houses

Other considerations:

In addition to the course layout, target throwing equipment and structures, you may want to think about, and budget for, the following:

  • Cement slabs for skeet and/or trap layout
  • Shed to shelter clays and equipment from the elements
  • Covered trap houses
  • High Tower
  • Solar panels to keep batteries charged
  • Electrical wiring (an option)
  • Score card design
  • Course drawings
  • Station menus
  • Menu cards
  • Demo shotguns
  • Lighting (for night shooting)
  • Course signage (safety, numbered stations, shooting menus)
  • Club management consulting
  • Liability waiver
  • Safety video
  • Staff training
  • Instructor training

If you are considering establishing clay shooting at your resort, venue or property, please contact us to set up an initial complementary phone consultation.




Don Currie

Principal / Founder